Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog Stalk Saturday and Catch Up!

Wow, what a busy week!  Besides our normal school craziness, I went out with friends twice this week for dinner.  I mean, really, who is going to turn down drinks and calories with the girls?  I had my monthly pedicure with my mom on Wednesday night.  It's our girl time together.  Not that you care about any of that but that's where I've been!

We did an author study on Laura Numeroff this week.  I just love her books and thanks to my AWESOME librarian we had an amazing collection.  I didn't know she had written so many!  We did a super cute pie graph on our favorite If You Give but I forgot to take picture yesterday because I was dealing with a ticked off parent.  Not one of my parents, thanks goodness!  Apparently I was the only person in the building yesterday at 4 pm besides the janitors so I got the ear-full meant for the principal.  So I listened and managed to not tell this crazy person that she was being ridiculous and come be a teacher for ONE day and see what she complains about then calm her down.  Gracious! You could not pay me double to be a principal and deal with this stuff all of the time.

Anyway, when we graphed our favorite a lot of my kiddos wanted to know why they couldn't vote for this book as their favorite.
You'll have to turn your head (lol) because I'm computer challenged today and can't get the dang thing to rotate.

It is such a cute book!  We did a writing assignment based off of it.  I got some very imaginative writing.  I took some pics but beware they probably won't rotate either.  You are getting a workout (haha, neck at least) on my blog today.

His monster's name is Big Guns.  LOL!  I love this kid!

 The other I'm going to show you is from my Class Diva.  I don't say that in a negative way.  I want her clothes in big girl sizes!  She is always dressed to the nines with even toenails and fingernails matching.  She's the one who always notices if I'm wearing something new, cute shoes (she loooves my new platforms), nail polish, and jewelry.

I'm off to blog stalk some more.  My printer has been working hard this morning!  Love all of you out there in teacher blogland!

Happy Weekend!

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