Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obsession Confession

You are an obsession, you're my obsession, what do you want me to do to make you FOLLOW me...  Haha, couldn't resist!  I'm joining Bonnie over at Living a Wonderful Life in her first ever linky party!
So I have tons of obsessions....guys in uniform, my dog, Snoopy stuff, baskets, scrapbook paper, and on I could go.  But the following are the biggies today!

Books!  I am sooo obsessed with books!  I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and enjoy it, but I will admit that I still like to have a "real" book in my hand.
These are my To Be Read books!  Yikes!

This is the bookshelf that takes up most of one wall in my guest room.  I have already read all of these and should clean them out..but...but...but....I can't! See my Trixie Belden collection down in the bottom left?  Ah, memories!
Double-Walled Water Tumblers. Ok, call me CRAZY but I can't stop buying these!  They come in such cute colors and patterns!  The red polka dot is my absolute favorite, but I'm using the green one today.  I'm doing much better about drinking my water like a good girl.

Southern Sweet Tea Water Enhancer.  I used to be completely and absolutely addicted to sweet tea...especially from McDonald's.  Oh, my!  I couldn't get through a day without one!  I gave it up for Lent year before last and wasn't quite so addicted but still had a problem.  Then I found this stuff!  Y' is the best thing EVAH!!  I drink my water, and it tastes like I'm being naughty!

The Walmart brand is the best!
And last but certainly not least.....SHOES!!!
I have more shoes than any one person should have.  I ashamed to count them. I have turned my smallest guest room into the "closet room".  Thank goodness I did or there wouldn't be anywhere for my shoes!  These wedges are my faves right now because they give me height without making me feel like I'm gonna break my clumsy butt!  I have a tendency to buy every color of shoes I love.  Oh, help

What's YOUR obsession??
Much love,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Planning, Pinning, Printing and POOLing!

Happy summer, friends!  I cannot believe I have been on summer break for exactly one week.  Yikes!  Time just flies by!  I've been able to not fall into a summer slug/hobo mode {yet} and have gotten lots of school projects done.

I spent most of the weekend blogstalking the "Back to School" labels on my favorite blogs. {Isn't blogstalking one word?  Blogger doesn't think so lol.} I even hit the jackpot and found a Back to School linky party from last summer.  So my printer is overheating, my TPT wishlist is up to 92 items (ha!), and my brain is swimming with all of the things I pinned!  I'm excited for the new year already!

If I'm not pinning, printing, or planning then I have been lounging by my pool.  I have finished two of my beloved vampire romance novels and two bottles of wine.  :-)  Ha, not a bottle a book, I swear!

Tonight's little project is to do "surgery" to the books in my Book Hospital.

Now that I've been exposed to all you awesomely creative bloggers out there, my sign looks way shabby (those are band-aids, by the way)!  It always breaks my heart when my books get damaged and NO ONE TELLS ME!  I know they are afraid I'll get mad at them if they rip a page or it falls out.  I explain to them that this basket are where the "hurt" books go to get "surgery" to fix them right up.  At the beginning of the year, I make a big deal about it with latex gloves and a doctors mask and let them watch me fix them.  After that, they are really good about making sure I know about rips and tears.  Haha, almost too good!  Sometimes they put books in that just have a teeny tiny tear.

Off to surgery, have a blessed night!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Puffy Slacker

That's me...the Puffy Slacker.  I can't believe I haven't blogged at all in May!  Ack!  I been cleaning and packing up my classroom little by little this week and my allergies have flared.  Alas, that means puffy nose and eyes and just overall ickiness.  So I've been dragging my tired behind home and "benedryl-ing" it.  In other words I've been coming home and going into a Benedryl induced coma for hours.

We have done some great things this month but I haven't taken many pictures apparently.  We made Chicks and Salsa from Christie at First Grade Fever. turned out so stinking cute! I don't know why I didn't take a picture.  I let them "have at it" as I say and they decorated them very differently with glasses,  berets instead of sombreros, polka dots, you name it.  I was so excited when our library had this book.  I was so tickled about the book that when our awesome librarian opened the Book Fair boxes and it was in there, she GAVE it to me.  Y'all know..getting something great for free is like winning the lottery!

We had First Grade Fun Day in lieu of a field trip this year.  We went out to the overflow parking lots with sidewalk chalk and huge bubble wands.  It was hilarious when they were finished with the sidewalk chalk.  The favorite thing to do was trace each other's body so it looked like a major crime scene when we left the parking lot with all of those body outlines.  But the most "awesomest" activity of the day was when the firetrucks came!

It was so hilarious watching them run in and out of the spray.  I got in there with them last year (it was really fun) but this year I had so many rough kiddos that I had to stand back and supervise.  Dang it, lol.  As you can imagine, we were the best teachers ever after this and they want to stay in first grade for-ev-er!

Field Day got rained out, thank you Jesus!  I hate, detest, despise, abhor, and just basically don't like Field Day. It might be because I was always the clumsy fat kid that ended up being last always.  I was really dreading it with my rough boys because I knew I would end up with arguing and crying by the end.  Whew, such a relief that I didn't have to go through it this year.

We had a teacher work day on Friday and they actually left us alone in our rooms.  Shock and awe! I have most of my room cleaned and packed away.  It's sorta sad to see it packed up, but I'm already getting excited for next year.  I didn't find all you awesome bloggers until later in the school year.  I can't wait to start with all the new things I've learned.

We have 2 more hours of school.  They just come in and get their report cards on Monday.  I'm really going to miss most of them lol.  They did such amazing work this year for me.  My scores this year were the best I can ever remember!  I have one day of inservice next week but then I'm freeeeeeee!  I leave for the beach on June 2nd so I've got so much cleaning around here to do.  So I'm gonna go get started right now.

Enjoy your last days!