Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Are you a REAL Teacher? do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!  I am joining a great linky party hosted by Falling into First.  The idea is to post pics of your MUST DO pins for the summer.  I love this!  Click her button to join the linky!

Tattletale, tattletale, hang your britches by a nail!  Good grief, my kids drove me absolutely CRAZY with tattling this year.  Even my sweet little Tattle the Turtle didn't help.  I'm going to try this one for next year.  I'll have to hit up some yard sales to find a cheap old phone.  I got rid of my landline forever ago.  I pinned this from Second Grade Sugar and Spice.  She listed another source, but I couldn't find this pic on that blog anywhere.  Maybe I'm blind lol.

I had a Birthday Box this year, and the kiddos loved it.  However, sometimes they took FOREVER to choose something.  I also had to keep it stocked with items.  The Birthday Box had things in it that were too big for the Treasure Box (which I'm also phasing out).  I'm trying to simplify my life.  I saw this on Reagan's site and fell in love!  I'm not sure if I'm going to do Pixie Sticks or not but something similar. Click the pic for a direct link to lots of her classroom photos.

So...what are your MUST DO pins?


  1. Strive to Sparkle...I love that name! I too had a group of tattle turkeys this year who could use this phone. We currently have a tattle turtle they're supposed to vent too, but they still seem to prefer me, ha. I've seen these balloons and thought about making them. You mentioned you might not do pixie sticks so I also wanted to share that I've seen these done with glow sticks from the $1 store too. Either way they're adorable! Thanks so much for following and linking up!!

    ❤- Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  2. I love the tattle phone! Now I know what I can do with a few my old cell phones!!!

  3. I never heard that tattle rhyme before-that's so funny! By the end of the year one kid would run up to tattle something and another would say "and how does that hurt you?". I have never been able to find a solution-I think I'll try the phone this year. :)


  4. I love your idea of simplifying the birthday prizes! Found your blog through the LINKY and am now your newest follower :)

    Hope you'll stop by my blog as well.

  5. That phone is too funny. (I'm following you now.)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. Hi,
    I just found your blog through a comment you left about turning off the word verifiers. I'm right there with you about those. . .they are killing my eyes to try to read : ) I went back to read your obsession post and I'm going to have to try the water enhancer because for now I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to the sweet tea from Mickey D's. I'm looking forward to going back and reading some of your previous post.

    Simpson Superstars

  7. Loooooooooooove the tattle telephone!
    I'm your newest follower!!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    PS I'm having a linky and would love for you to join!


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