Thursday, October 18, 2012

I like big BOOKS and I cannot lie...

Oh dear friends...thank you sweet baby Jesus that tomorrow is Friday!  My sweet first graders have forgotten all our procedures in just a week!  I actually had a girl tell me today that she'd come to join her reading group when she finished her puzzle.  Really!!  Oh, and did you know that when we come back from the bathroom with the pass, we stand in the door and yell at the top of our lungs.....
Okay, who needs to go the bathroom??!!  
**bang my head on table**

We did manage to get some work done this week, however.  
I am TERRIBLE at using my big books.  I have so many of them but seem to only use them to teach to my themes.  I forget about them the rest of the time.  I've noticed that during free choice centers on Fridays (after our morning of testing), lots of my firsties were getting into the big books.  As I sat on the beach last week (ah...was it just a week ago?), I came up with a way to let them use those big books and start on the concept of research.  I came up with this form:
Click on pic to snag the form!
I introduced the form on Monday during literacy stations.  We practiced the form using No, David!  You'll be amazed at how many exclamation points are in this book!  
They are LOVING this station! 
I've "prettied" up the form since I took this pic!  Haha!
I hope your kids enjoy this as much as mine!  Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Thank you for sharing your procedure struggles! My kinders have decided to act like toddlers this week! They are getting our work completed in a fine manner, but are flipping over at circle times, running in the room, yelling in the hallway. *cringe*. I moved someone's name down the behavior chart today and he struggled not to cry. It is the last day of first quarter...I am taking back the room, lol!

    They are at recess, I am reading subscriptions; thanks for making me smile! Now, where is my coffee? :-)

  2. Yup! That sounds like my class some days, too.
    I like your Big Book idea ... I also have a ton of them but always forget to use them. Why IS that?

    Grade ONEderful
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