Sunday, January 27, 2013

Puppy Cam Science

Hello all!  So much for my blog more resolution!  I wish there were about 4 more hours in the day.  I could get SO much done!  I did a little blog element switcheroo.. I think I like the 2 columns much better.  You just don't know what you want when you first start out, do you?

We have been super busy in our class and I have even been taking pics! Yay me!  I will share more of that this week, but today is all about the Puppy Cam!

You know I'm CRAZY about dogs!  I talk about my sweet golden girl all the time.
Bella says Hello!  LET ME IN!!
I have "liked" a lot of dog groups on Facebook but one of my favorite pages is the WarriorCanineConnection.  This is a group that trains puppies to be service dogs for veterans.  My uncle was a Marine until the last breath left his body...he's probably still telling his war stories in Heaven.  He was such a wonderful person in my life so this group just has a special place in my heart.

I was so excited way back in 2012 when they announced that they were breeding a yellow lab named Misty to provide the next group of trainees.  We got to go through the whole pregnancy and have kept up with the progress of the puppies.  This is the latest pic of the babies. {{{LOVE}}} Their names are due to the fact that they were conceived during Superstorm Sandy.

But the most exciting element is the PUPPY CAM!
Haha!  I'm not sharing the cam until the end of this post because you'll just want to watch it forever!

I was watching this cam during Christmas break for my own fun, but it occured to me that my kids would LOVE this!  I showed it to them as soon as we got back to school and they fell just as much in love as I did.  They beg to check the puppies all day.  They have been snoozing and nursing and being fairly boring (ha!) up until the last week.  They have started to really move around and even play.  We are so excited!

I read this book to my class on about the development of puppies.  We keep going back to this book as a reference for what the puppies SHOULD be doing.  So far they are right on schedule.  :-)

This week I am introducing our Puppy Science journal to my class. We are going to note any changes and write about what they are doing.  This is a VERY simple item (just the facts ma'am) but will suit our needs nicely.  Feel free to snag by clicking the pic below if you'd like. It's really frills..  I don't want you to be disappointed.  Haha!  I had plans for a more cutified one but my to-do list is so long that I went easy.  This exercise hits the Common Core standard  W.1.8.

And without further ado I give you THE PUPPY CAM!  This site has lots of other webcams to explore as well.  Have fun!
Click Misty to see her babies!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I always forget about sharing web cams with the kids. We once watched an owl name Molly hatch her little owlets and those kids are 3rd graders now and still talk about her! :) And a puppy cam to boot-definitely checking that out!



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