Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Linky and planning my attack!

Wow, look at me!  Two posts in one month!  Woohoo!  I'm hoping you caught my sarcasm..snort.

I'm linking up with Jen at The Teachers' Cauldron for a New Year's Resolution linky par-tay! 

I love linky parties!  It's always so fun to meet new bloggers and learn new stuff about my faves.  And that it's during break when I actually have time to read and respond--even better!

Personal Goal

I was writing this post in my head while showering this morning and realized that I have had the same resolution since I was in the fifth grade.  I can remember doing a writing assignment on it and the sweet comment that my teacher wrote on my paper.  I have been resolving to lose weight for that long in my life.  She wrote on my paper that I was one of God's beloved children and that she knew someone as smart, sweet, and amazing as I was could do ANYTHING (in all caps!!).  I still cry (am as I write this) as I think about her.  I think I decided in that moment to be a teacher.  But still all these years later, I have not managed to accomplish this goal.  And I feel anything but amazing.  

So I'm going to try a new approach this year.  I call it the plan of attack.  I know that in my teaching career before I do anything I plan, plan, plan and what do we do for each child's progress??  Track, track, track, document, document, document...  I went back to SparkPeople today.  I hadn't blogged there since 2009!!  If you aren't familiar, it is a website (and now app) that is completely FREE and allows you to set goals, track your food and fitness, and has a very supportive community of teams, bloggers, and message boards.  I reset all my goals, blogged, and am going to start a SparkTeam for primary teachers with a friend of mine.  I'll post the link as soon as we come up with a name.  We bloggers know how hard coming up with a name is!  Any ideas?

Here's their link if you want to check them out:

You know I'm all about the **spark**le   haha!

Here's my page there:

Blogging Goal

This one is simple.  Blog more!  I actually do have some good ideas, I swear!  I feel like a frogger.  Fraud Blogger.  Haha!  Just kidding, mostly.  I'm missing out on some great things here.  You all talk of the amazing friendships that you've made from your blog and I'm jealous.  I haven't experienced that yet but it's my fault.  You have to be a friend to get a friend and to post and put yourself out there to make those relationships.  My goal for tonight is to visit, comment, and follow everyone in this linky.  :-)  

Plus I want to learn about creating.  I made my own media buttons yesterday and put them over there on the sidebar ---->  I was so proud of myself but was shaking in my shoes when it came time to move my design around and hit apply to blog.  I was afraid I'd mess something up.  Life's too short to be afraid of change or taking chances!  Attack!  

Go link up!

Much love and cyberhugs,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Currently and Christmas gift idea

Oh on Earth did it get to be December?  New month, new attitude!  I'm not, not, not, you hear me, NOT going to gain any weight in December!  Even if I have to sew my mouth shut!  I finally finished my stash of Reese pumpkins (and off with their head for anyone who brings me a Reese tree)!  Those things are like crack!  Haha!  And I got my need (want) for Hardees out of my system this morning.  It's time to wipe the dust off of those Zumba dvds!

It's also time for Farley's Currently... 

I promised myself I'd be a better blogger in November, but I have this Common Core project that is taking me just forever to finish.  I came up with this great idea to align EVERYTHING I've ever bought on TPT and all the games/activities/centers/etc I own to the Common Core with labels and a spreadsheet and color coded.  Miss Organization, you know?  I had NO IDEA I had this much good stuff but it is taking me forstinkingever. I'm getting there! At least it's not still spread out all over my living room floor.  

Moving on..
Have you bought your students a Christmas gift yet?  If not, check these out!

My dear teaching partner and I have been buying these 100 piece art kits for our kids for several years.  They (((LOVE))) them!  You are the best teacher ever kind of love.  ;-)  They are on sale at Michaels for 2.79 plus your 15% off teacher discount.  Someone on Facebook said yesterday that her Michaels has them for 1.89!!  

Have a wonderful week and go link up with Farley!

Much loves,