Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Take Home Math Kits

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. 

About a month ago I was on social media and saw Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac asking for people to review her new take home math kits.  I responded and was chosen!  I was so excited because I have been less than happy with our Envision math program.  Many of my kids need practice on skills already learned, but some are ready for some challenge.  This product was just perfect for that!

It was designed to be sent home for the parents to do with the students, but I used it in math stations since we are almost finished with school.  My parents might have mutinied with more at this point!  Haha!  I will certainly use it both ways (for home and math stations) next year.  

Casey thought of everything in the organization of this pack.  The table of contents lists the CCSS as well as what supplies you will need!  There are also already-made-up Sign Out Sheets and Parent Letters.  Love it!

There are 257 pages to this product so I chose a few for extra practice and a few for challenge. 

 We have already covered measurement so I printed Measuring Down on the Farm which practices inches and Measuring in Outer Space which practices centimeters.  

Measuring inches Down on the Farm
Measuring centimeters In Outer Space

We are forever working on estimation so we tried the Estimation Sweet Shop.  I flashed the candy jars at them so they didn't count them.  Are mine the only ones who try to cheat?  :-)

Then we counted the candy.  We quickly discovered the easiest way to do this was mark through the candy as we counted it, otherwise we lost our place (even I did)!  I had laminated the pages so this was very easy to do.  Journey did pretty well here except for the smaller candies/jar.  Which tells me I need to talk about this much more!

I printed the 3 digit Aliens vs Astronauts even/odd practice and really sold it to them that they were doing SECOND grade work in this station.  You should have heard them!  They were so excited when they could do it (and had to go brag to their friends that the SECOND grade station was so easy).  Love them!

Emojis are covering my mess I didn't see until I saw the pictures! Ack!

Time to the half hour has been a thorn in my side!  I still have a few sweeties who are off an hour no matter how much we have practiced.  So that means....more practice!  This is Tick Tock Time the Half Hour.  I modified it even more for these two who are REALLY struggling.  I limited the number of cards/matches so they would feel successful.  Our next step was to add all of the cards.

There is just so much quality material in these math kits!  It is perfect for 1st graders as well as 2nd.  I can't wait to use it all year next year to kick my differentiation up a notch!
 Thanks so much to Casey for letting me review this!  You MUST check it out!

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  1. I also reviewed Casey's product and just loved the additions to my math stations! Your pics are great, and it was fun to see other activities that we haven't used yet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Crystal! You're kids are definitely not the only ones who try to cheat at Estimation Sweet Shop! I love how you used one of the games as a remediation for your struggling kiddos. I hadn't thought of that and I know that the kids would enjoy playing a game for remediation rather than what we normally do! Awesome review. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac


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