Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funday Linky

Good evening, friends!  I should really be in bed since I have 3 alarm clocks set for 4:30 in the morning but instead I am blogging and Facebook Freeforall Hopping. So fun!  I am really trying to be a better blogger (because it makes me a better teacher).  

I am linking up with Lucky to Be in First and A Burst of First for their new linky:

So fun!  I am actually going to share something that happened a few weeks ago.  
As a first grade team, we are always saying that we need to fun fellowship more.  We decided to go to dinner and take a painting class together.  A few things you need to know about me:
1. I am not an artist.
2. I am not an artist.
3. I am not an artist.  
LOL, get it?  I went into the experience fully expecting to have a Jackson Pollack-ish painting at the end of the night.  And I was okay with that!  I was just there to have a good time.
We went to a place called Painting with a Twist.  I knew I was going to have a good time when I saw the rules on the wall.
When in doubt, have another glass of wine!  Yes, please!
There is an artist who walks you step-by-step through the entire painting process.  
My process: The pictures are a little blurry because the lighting was odd in the studio.

Final Product:

Not bad for a non-artist, huh?  I was SHOCKED at how pretty it turned out!  We took them to school and had a 1st Grade Art Gallery in our school foyer.  We had such a good time with this that we are now registered to do it again on March 16th.  A beach scene this time!  

Here are my girls (minus one who got cut out of photo somehow):

Does your grade level team do fun things together?  Give us some new ideas!

Have a wonderful week,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Show What You Know

She's alive! 
 I swear I think Blogger did a "Say Whaaa?" when I just logged on to the site.  It's been a very long while. 

 Friends, I have been in a rut.  Do you ever have those times as a teacher blogger where you feel like you don't have anything to share?  Nothing worth sharing?  Who cares what I think, do?  
That has been me.  <insert sad face>

But I do have something cute today!  This is my Show What You Know board.  

Phone picture--BAH!

The kids have Post-It notes at their seats.  Periodically I will ask a question related to our current topic/lesson and they will write an answer on a Post It.  They place their answer on THEIR number.  I can very quickly look and see who has it/doesn't and whether I need to reteach or just pull a few sweeties to work individually.  It is a handy little tool!  Owls are from Carson Dellosa (I think) and the alphabet is from Lettering Delights.  It's hard to tell from the photo, but the owls are large enough that a regular size Post-It fits on their sweet little bellies.  :-)  

Have a great week!